How to Make a Free App and Make Money ?

To make with free apps you need to put ads in your app. Before put ads you need to make an app with android studio and another platforms who gives permission to make a free apps but they can not give you a option to monetize your app. But if you make your own app you can also put ads and earn money.

I am tell you all steps today to make an app and how to earn with it ? You need to just follow these steps and you can easily make money with it.

Make A App Free :-

There are many ways to earn money online. But there are only some ways to make money with apps and earn daily $500+ and you can easily make this earning with a month and you can enjoy your life. To get start how to make a free app and earn money is you need to open a website and then make a account in this website with you gmail account with the help of google. After make a account you need to create a app and to create a app you need a idea and a good coding with your knowledge and just create this like a professional app and after that you can easily publish a app in playstore to get download all info about publish and get downloads given below.

How to Make a App without Coding ?

how to make a free app and make money
How to make a app with out coding free

Hey guys there are easy way to make an app without coding is thunkable and in thunkable you can make an app without coding and then you upload a aia file also in thunkable made by others. To get aia files you can also contact with me in my whatsapp and also in my fb and instagram in these social media platforms i give you all types of aia files and you need to upload this aia file in your thunkable account and in my app section and there are a upload your project option, upload there and make changes in app you like in this app and then export in you pc or laptop and apk file in your android phone and install and test this if this is ready to use and ready to use by others you can upload in playstore and get downloads. this is the easiest way to earn money with make free app.

How to Monetize your App and Earn Money?

To monetize your app you need to put ads in your Apps when you coustomize your app and put admob ads in your app and if you can’t know how to get admob ads in apps you read all the details about admob ads unit and search on google and learn how to get admob ads unit for put in apps after get ads unit you need to put ads in app and when ads are shown in your apps and you will get paid by admob ads and your earnings are shown in adsense app and adsense website by google.

how to make a free app and make money
How to monetize an app and earn money

these are the some steps to Make a Free App and Make Money

How to Publish App in Playstore ?

If you need to get downloads for your apps. Publish your app in playstore to get viral your app and for advertisement your app and get paid when user use your app and when they show your ads in your app and you get paid and you earn money in your wallet or adsense.

To publish app in playstore you need to buy a google play console account of $25 to publish app in playstore.

If you want to publish app in playstore we will upload your app in playstore in just $2 or 120 Rs. only after that you need to contact with me and then i will publish your app and you give me payment in paytm or another platform you are using.


So guys go and do it…………………earn money and learn more


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How to Make a Free App and Make Money


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